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John Riches our Village Correspondent writes weekly reports about the village for the local media.  We are pleased to place them on our web site in order that those interested in Abthorpe can access the latest village news from anywhere in the world.

This page will keep the latest 3 or 4 reports.

On the Archive page we will store past articles and other pieces of particular interest.

Also, our newsletters can be downloaded on the Newsletters page.



6th May
Bridge night.

Our Old School Committee is full of bright ideas on how to raise funds for the refurbishment of our village hall. They organised a Bridge Night.

Lynn Neasham the Committee’s Treasurer reported that “The bridge night was very successful. We made £769 ! The evening started with a few rounds of bridge, a lasagne supper, cheese and grapes, more bridge and of course plenty of wine! We had 10 tables booked and everyone enjoyed it. It was lovely to see some familiar faces from the time when Abthorpe Nursery School used the hall. A most enjoyable evening. Huge thanks must go to everyone involved.”

Anglian Water and Plum Pudding!

“A water leak has been reported in your area. We’ll be investigating shortly and will then schedule any necessary repair works.” That was the message in an e-mail sent to some Abthorpe residents by Anglian Water. Attached was a map showing that the suspected leak was just before the village sign on the road from Towcester.

I telephoned the company and explained to a delightful sounding lady that I didn’t think it was one of the company’s mains that was causing the problem but Plum Pudding – our affectionately named fresh water spring that has been spewing water over the road for much of the winter. I’m not sure whether she believed me but she promised to explain about it to the company’s engineers.

Plum Pudding has been causing problems for many years. See http://www.aboutmyarea.co.uk/Northamptonshire/Towcester/NN12/Villages/Abthorpe/314738-You-can%E2%80%99t-keep-a-good-spring-down-Plum-Pudding-strikes-again for further details.


30th April

Old School book sale.

The book sale held in the  Old School; our village hall; was a huge success. A large number of books was donated and these were arranged in large sections with fiction being placed round the perimeter of the hall and non-fiction in the middle. The charging policy was simple. 50p for soft backs and £1 for hard backs. Light lunches were served from the well equipped kitchen followed by afternoon teas.

Lynn Neasham the Old School’s Treasurer reported: “We made a profit of £520. That was fabulous and we are delighted. There was a steady flow of visitors from the start to the end. Pleasingly there were lots of people from outside the village. It was a good day and we hope to do another one.”

Blue tit up date.

The blue tits starring at www.abthorpe. in our internationally acclaimed glimpse into their nesting box have, beyond expectations, produced nine eggs.
25th April

Abthorpe blue tit web cam.

A small web camera fixed in a bird box somewhere in our village is providing an intriguing insight this spring into the love life of a pair of local blue tits. Viewers who have logged on via the Abthorpe village web site over the past two weeks have been rewarded by seeing a couple build their nest from an assortment of straws, dried grass, twigs and feathers. Now, to date, seven eggs have been laid and are being incubated. It won’t be long before the eggs hatch, the chicks grow rapidly and fledge.

How privileged we are these days to see such wonders of nature close-up.

22nd April
The Abthorpe Old School Book Sale is on Saturday 28th April from 10:30 to 4:30. Tea & coffee will be served all day. Soup lunches are available from 12:00 – 2:00 and Tea & Cakes from 2:30 – 4:30. Please do come along to what should be a most enjoyable day and help the refurbishment of our ancient village hall.

World Gin Day – Saturday 9th June from 2:00pm.
In celebration of World Gin Day, Abthorpe Old School invites you to the first Annual Abthorpe Gin Fest on Saturday 9th June from 2:00pm. Join us for a relaxed afternoon on the village green, sampling a few regional Gins or drink from the bar, enjoying Live Music and a pig roast whilst the children play.

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