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John Riches our Village Correspondent writes weekly reports about the village for the local media.  We are pleased to place them on our web site in order that those interested in Abthorpe can access the latest village news from anywhere in the world.

This page will keep the latest 3 or 4 reports.

On the Archive page we will store past articles and other pieces of particular interest.

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15th September
Abthorpe GinFest 2019 profit.

Lynn Neasham the Treasurer of our Old School (Village Hall) committee reports that the recent second Abthorpe GinFest made an amazing £2567.69 profit ! That compares with a profit of £2040.98 last year. People obviously like the formula of this new style village fete. Congratulations and thanks go to the hardworking committee for making the event so successful.

Itís Plum Pudding again and again and again!

Back in September 2015 I wrote the following report for our local media.

Plum Pudding is the unusual, but much loved name of a fresh water spring here in Abthorpe.

Motorists driving into our village recently from Towcester may have noticed that just before they arrive at the village sign the road surface is constantly wet.
The spring, that once surfaced close to the road, was channelled into a culvert that fed into the Meadwell Brook that passes under the road close to the first houses and then flowed down into the nearby River Tove. At one time the late Mr Heggs would regularly visit the spring to collect his drinking water in an assortment of bottles. Often villagers would stop their cars and offer him a lift back to his home that is now known as Grafton View at the top end of Brackley Lane. His home was not at that time connected to the water main.
Then about 35 years ago as part of a road improvement scheme an underground culvert was provided for Plum Pudding. Around Christmas 2006 heavy vehicles damaged the culvert and the springís water flooded the road. Eventually after a search for a burst water main it was recognised that Plum Pudding was indeed the culprit and the following summer the culvert was again repaired. In July 2013 Plum Pudding broke free from her shackles and flooded the road yet again. Now less than two years since the last repairs our road is constantly covered by a thin film of water. Plum Pudding seems to be the culprit.
An officer from Abthorpe Parish Council is aware that heavy vehicles travelling over the culvert in the roadside verge seem to have yet again partially blocked the culvert. It is likely that the matter will be discussed at the next meeting of the Parish Council. Everyone is aware that unless the leak is repaired before the onset of cold weather there could be a layer of dangerous ice on the road surface at the approach to our villageĒ


Well Ė Plum Pudding is at it yet again. Water is spewing across the road and unless something is done before the icy weather sets in it could once again be an accident hazard for traffic.


Northamptonshire County Council has taken successful remedial work on many occasions to halt the flow of water. The problem seems to be that at harvest time, large agricultural vehicles, in order to be courteous to other road users, are driven onto the verge to allow others to pass. Unwittingly these vehicles compact the soil over the culvert and cause Plum Pudding to break loose from her shackles. Letís hope the problem can be permanently fixed. But donít bank on it!


8th September
Abthorpe Ginfest.

The second Abthorpe Ginfest was, once again, a huge success with large numbers of visitors enjoying this modern interpretation of our traditional village fete. The roads in the village green area were closed to traffic so that everyone could wander and wonder.

The large marquee set up in front of The Old Post Office was packed as people sampled some of the 12 gins on offer or supped a pint of our local brew Hooky. Opposite on the north side of the green the tea tent did a brisk trade serving our national beverage and a range of scrumptious looking home-made cakes. The children were certainly not forgotten. A painter using young childrenís faces as her canvas produced some terrifying portrayals of imagined monsters that delighted the young ones and scared the pants off some of their elders. There was the traditional tombola and of course a raffle. Dave Cambray brought his Little Giant traction engine along to bring the nostalgic whiff of a steam engine to a modern audience. And above all the sun shone and made our second Ginfest such a delightful experience.

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