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Reference Documents

From time to time the Parish Council is asked for information and/or advice on various topics, or issues arise which your Parish Council consider to be of importance.

This page includes information about these issues which it is hoped will be useful.  

AB001 - Abthorpe Parish Council's Standing orders

AB002 - Abthorpe Parish Council's Powers and Accountability

AB003 - Abthorpe Parish Council's constitution

AB004 - Abthorpe Parish Council Code of Conduct

AB006 - Abthorpe Parish Council's Complaints Policy

AB007 - Abthorpe Parish Council's Agreement of Apologies from Council Meetings

AB008 - Abthorpe Parish Council's Risk Analysis

AB009 - Abthorpe Parish Council's Asset Register

AB011 - Abthorpe Parish Council's Freedom of Information Policy

AB012 - Abthorpe Parish Council's Financial Regulations

Annual Accounting and Governance Return 2017-2018

Interim Audit Report April 2018

Financial Statement, May 2018

Information available from Abthorpe Parish Council under the model publication scheme
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Files on this page are in pdf format, which require Adobe Acrobat reader.  If you do not have this, click here to download.

If you have any questions, please refer to the list of contacts here.

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